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flash alternative for streaming sites -> ViewTubePlus

If you don’t like the performance impact that flash causes or you simply can’t use the flash plugin for some reason there is a chance you can still watch your loved videos on several streaming sites.
It is a greasemonkey userscript that searches for the video and replaces the flash player with a custom player where you can play the video with the browser internal html5 video player or a video plugin like the one from vlc player.
Currently those sites are supported:

Currently the script adds ViewTube support for:


It is some kind of a standalone addition to ViewTube. Just that this script is for some more websites.

That’s how a video on xtube looks with the totem video plugin for firefox:

If you want a specific site supported, you can say it in the comments and/or provide the code for it 🙂

In general I recommend the totem video player on *nix systems or HTML5 on all systems, because it caches the video on disk and you can let it puffer. The vlc plugin just puffers for about some seconds and then stops downloading the file any further.

– In conjunction with noscript it’s not working that well because some pornsites have different domains/IPs for videos and you have to allow javascript access to them as well in order to make it work.
– I experience difficulties with VLC Media Player Plugin with Windows 7 and Linux. It wants to load the full movie/video before it wants to play it. So it’s not really streaming. At least for Linux I can recommend the Totem Plugin.

See the readme for the original tool on which plugins to use and what browsers are supported etcetera:

# 2016-08-05  – fixed xtube, xvideos
# 2016-02-23 – quickfix xtube, fixed ashemaletube
# 2015-12-15 – changed xhamster regex
# 2015-09-12 – refix redtube
# 2015-09-09 – added support for zdf Mediathek
# 2015-09-08 – fixed redtube
# 2015-08-12 – fixed xhamster
# 2015-08-03 – fixed pornhub
# 2015-07-16 – changing xtube code
# 2015-07-15 – adding subdomains for pronhub, youporn(gay), tube8
# 2015-07-07 – fucked up regex for xvideos 😉
# 2015-07-06 – fixing gaytube, adding subdomains for xvideos
# 2015-06-29 – fixed gaytube
# 2015-06-24 – changed youporn code to not use xmlhttprequest in order to work with EasyLists blocking rules
# 2015-06-08 – fixed veehd
# 2015-05-20 – fixed, tube8, pornhub, youporn
# 2015-04-22 – fixed language specific tube8 domains
# 2015-03-03 – fixed tube8
# 2015-02-14 – fixed xhamster
# 2015-02-08 – fixed redtube, tube8
# 2015-02-07 – refixed veehd
# 2015-02-06 – fixed veehd, flashx
# 2015-02-02 – fixed hornoxe, fast(stream|video), pornhub
# 2015-01-22 – fixed pornhub
# 2015-01-20 – divxstage top level domain added
# 2015-01-19 – fixed nowvideo, novamov
# 2014-11-07 – fixed youporn, pornhub, redtube, tube8
# 2014-06-27 – fixed pornhub code